High Gradient Magnetic Separator

The structure and working principle of BT electromagnetic separator: The structure of BT vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator is as shown in Fig.


I. The structure and working principle of BT electromagnetic separator:
The structure of BT vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator is as shown in Fig. 1. It mainly consists of pulsating mechanism, exciting coil, yoke, rotary ring and various hoppers and buckets. Steel mesh or rod made of permeable stainless steel is used as magnetic medium.
The excitation coil generates an inductive magnetic field in the sorting area through direct current, a non-uniform magnetic field, i.e. a high gradient magnetic field, is generated on the surface of the magnetic medium located in the sorting area. The rotating ring rotates clockwise, and the magnetic medium is continuously fed into and out of the sorting area. The pulp is fed into the hopper and flows through the turning ring along the gap of the upper yoke.
The magnetic particles in the pulp are adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic rod, rotated to the top of the non-magnetic field area swivel by the, washed into the concentrate bucket by the flushing water. The non-magnetic particles pass through the magnetic medium file under the action of gravity and pulsating fluid force, and are separated from the magnetic particles. Then it flows into the tailings bucket along the gap of the lower yoke and be discharged.
For each group of magnetic media, the direction of flushing magnetic concentrate is opposite to the direction of feeding ore. Coarse particles can be flushed out without passing through the magnetic media file. The impulse mechanism of the machine drives the pulp to produce pulsation, which can keep the mineral particles loose in the magnetic medium pile of the separation area, make the magnetic mineral particles easier to be captured, and make the non-magnetic mineral particles enter the tailings through the magnetic medium pile as soon as possible.
Obviously, the back flush concentrate and pulp pulsation can prevent the blockage of magnetic medium, and the pulsation separation can improve the quality of magnetic concentrate. These measures ensure that the machine has higher enrichment ratio, higher separation efficiency and stronger adaptability..

Fig. 1. Structural diagram of SLon vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator

1. Pulse mechanism 2. Exciting coil 3. Steel yoke 4. Rotating ring 5. Feeding hopper 6. Flushing hopper 7. Flushing device for magnetic ore 8. Magnetic hopper 9. Middle hopper 10. Nonmagnetic hopper 11. Level hopper 12. Rotary ring driving mechanism 13. Frame, F-feed, W-clean water, C-magnetic product, M-medium ore, T-nonmagnetic product
BT vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator can significantly improve the grade of magnetic concentrate, and keep the advantages of high recovery of fine magnetic minerals. In addition, pulsation can also prevent the blockage of magnetic media. BT vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator is a new type of industrial equipment which utilizes the comprehensive force field of magnetic force, pulsating fluid force and gravity.

Its characteristics are transforming vertical rotation, backflushing concentrate and equipped with pulp pulsation mechanism, and its beneficiation performance has reached the international leading level.
It is suitable for wet separation of hematite, limonite, siderite, manganese ore, ilmenite, wolframite and other weakly magnetic metallic ores with -1.3 mm (-200 mesh takes 50-100%) and separation of wolframite and scheelite, tungsten and tin. It can also be used for iron removal and purification of non-metallic ores such as quartz, feldspar, nepheline, kaolin, etc. It has advantages of high field strength, high gradient, high enrichment ratio, not easy to block, and a wide range of sorting granularity, good sorting performance, continuous operation, compact structure and good reliability (equipment operation rate is as high as 98%).

II. Diagrammatic sketch

III. Scope of application
The BT vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator is suitable for wet separation and magnetic separation of fine weak magnetic minerals of 200 mesh or so, and also for magnetic separation and iron purification of non-metallic ores. Such as:
Ferrous metals: recovery of pseudohematite, hematite, limonite, siderite and manganese ore. 
Non-ferrous metals: separation of wolframite, garnet and other minerals.
Rare metals: tantalum-niobium iron ore, iron-lithium mica, monazite, yttrium phosphate ore and other ore recovery. 
Non-metallic: Purification and impurity removal of quartz, feldspar, kaolin and refractories.

IV. Main technical parameters

Note: The parameter in above tables are for reference only. The products can be customized and the relevant parameters should be provided.

V. Model selection

The selection of this equipment shall be subjected the pulp passing capacity in principle. When minerals are separated in practical operation, the beneficiation indexes will be affected by the different pulp concentration. The pulp concentration can be reduced appropriately according to actual requirement if better beneficiation indexes are needed. When the proportion of magnetic materials in minerals is high, the processing capacity of the whole machine will be limited by the area of magnetic media and the total volume of magnetic materials adsorbed, and the concentration of ore should be reduced appropriately in order to obtain better beneficiation indexes.