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According to experience, F8 filters are selected for pre-filtration in 10000 and 100000 clean workshops (non-average flow). The service life of the end air filters can reach 5 years.
3. The air filter efficiency of the pre-filter is low.
2. The life expectancy of air filter is too high. The filter function of one filter bag is 5-10 times that of the filter element, which can greatly reduce the cost. The designed flow rate can meet the requirements of 1-500 m3/h, and the cost is low.
6. Function is not disorderly: It can be used for a long time under the condition of flue gas, and can not make the filter bag deform due to the expansion and contraction of longitude and latitude.
_High filtration accuracy, large filtration capacity, low cost and high efficiency. According to the test data: the terminal air filter is F7, the service life of the terminal air filter is 3 months when using G4 pre-filter, and the service life of F7 air filter can be extended to half a year after using pre-F5 air filter. Generally, cage bone is well ventilated. It is used for dust removal in coal-fired boilers. It can make the smoke and dust in the flue gas be caught on the surface of the cake layer and not invade the filter cloth, so that the pressure loss of the filter cloth can be maintained at a low value for a long time, and the service life of the filter cloth will be prolonged.
In order to improve the dust removal efficiency and prolong the service life of the filter bag, the filter cloth should be selected with a unit area weight of more than 550 g/m2. Its characteristics are small size, light weight, easy to use, large filtering area, low plugging rate, fast filtering speed, pollution-free, thermal sparseness and chemical stability. A special stainless steel spring ring is used at the mouth of the filter bag, which is convenient to use and firm to fix.
5. Acidic corrosion resistance: Because the flue gas contains water vapor and acidic gas, when the stopping furnace is inspected or the local insulation is not good, because the temperature drops, it may dew and produce acid erosion.
4. Anti-oxidation: Coal-fired marine boilers have high excess air coefficient, high oxygen content and nitrogen oxides in flue gas, and have oxidative erosion effect on filter material.
3. Wear resistance: The flue gas dust concentration of coal-fired boilers is generally high, and the main components of the dust are SiO 2, AlO 3, FeO 3, MgO and other substances, which have abrasion on filter materials and equipment.
2. Breakdown resistance: The filter bag is not damaged by repeated cleaning during folding, transportation, storage and use.
1. High temperature resistance: It can be used at flue gas temperature of 120-180 degrees Celsius.
Functional requirements of selected filter bags
The filter bag is the core component of the bag filter. The PPS filter cloth we choose will also be used for special surface treatment. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the bag filter.
Quick opening multi-bag filter, replacing liquid filter bag can be completed in 30 seconds, which is convenient, fast and time-saving. In a clean room, the value of end efficiencies may not be high, but the risk and indirect usage of changing air filters will be high. There is no need to shut down the production of changing pre-filters. Experienced owners will pay attention to pre-filters. Air compressor filter working pressure:??
(2) The commonly used work stress units are bar or Mpa, 1 bar = 0.1 Mpa;
(1) Working pressure, which is often called exhaust pressure by domestic users.
The filter bag collides with the cage bone every time it is cleared, and the collision with the cage bone is more than 100,000 times in the whole service life. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with double-layer filter cloth to prevent premature damage of the bottom of the bag.
Solutions for the above reasons: switching to air filters with large filter area can prolong service life, which should be taken into account in the initial design of the system.
Multi-bag filter
Multi-bag filter is a new type of filtering system. It uses side-in and bottom-out mode to filter. It is very efficient. Multi-bag filter is also the most widely used filter equipment at present. The reason why this equipment is so popular is inseparable from its own upper air. Now, let's look at the detailed upper air of multi-bag filter.
(2) High filtering accuracy, suitable for any fine particles or suspended solids, the filtering range can be from 0.1 to 200 microns.
(1) The specifications of multi-bag filter are complete, including low-pressure type, side-in type, jacking type, multi-bag type and horizontal type.
1. The area of filter material of air filter is too small or the dust-holding capacity per unit is too small.
What causes the short service life of air filters?
Purpose: Hot air filtration in high temperature environment; dust filtration in air filtration system
Temperature Resistance 250 C and 350 C
Special Aluminum Foil Distance Plate
Special glass fiber filter paper as filter material
Special folding equipment for folding
There are H10~H14 various efficiency specifications to meet different requirements.
Stainless steel frame or galvanized sheet with high temperature sealant
What are the characteristics and uses of high temperature box filter?
The filter cartridge has 1 core, 3 core, 5 core, 7 core, 9 core, 11 core, 13 core, 15 core?? Folding filter cartridge length is 10, 20, 30, 40?? The filter cartridge material is polypropylene, polytetraethylene, acetic acid fiber?? The filter aperture is 0.1 um, 0.22 um, 1 um, 3 um, 5 um, 10 um?? It can be divided into hydrophobic (for gas) and hydrophilic (for liquid) filter cartridges. Choose according to need
This series of stainless steel microporous filters can filter most of the particles, so they are widely used in fine filtration and sterilization process. Working pressure refers to the highest pressure of air compressor exhaust gas.
Pressure units are expressed in many forms. Here, the pressure units commonly used in screw air compressor filters are mainly introduced.
With so many advantages, multi-bag filters are naturally very popular.
Stainless steel microporous filters are manufactured on FDA scale by introducing advanced technology. The quality of filters is high quality stainless steel (304/316L).
(3) Compact structure

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